The journey of 07vin_tage to Drop 001

Well where to start....

This has all been such a surreal start to a journey that was a long time in the making. 

I have always had a passion for fashion and always liked keeping up with the fashion scene, not to impress anyone else but because I was passionate about it and it made me personally feel good. 

During lockdown 2020, I had thought about starting my own small business but never followed through, always had an excuse to stop me pursuing it. 

An opportunity came up that was too good to turn down and I thought to myself there is never going to be a right time to do it, so why not get amongst it and just do it. 

365 days later, and here we are.

About to drop our first collection, although it wasn't the full collection we were hoping for (shipping delay's maaaan) we are finally here super excited to bring everyone some absolute gems. 

So jump on in and keep following our journey as we bring you alongside us as we navigate through this together..... 

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